Yorkshire post speed dating

Yorkshire is now divided between different official regions.

Most of the county falls within Yorkshire and the Humber.

Admittedly one of those seven tasks is drinking some water – but that’s the first baby step, the easy lead-in, the next six challenges are in a different league: First, you should visualise how you want your day to go; then do some exercise, with yoga being the preferred option; and then read something – mainly because Bill Gates does and he’s pretty successful.

You should also set yourself some realistic goals; then think of three people who make you smile to make feel-good oxytocin; then sing in the shower. You are going to need to set the alarm early, that’s obvious.

Yet now they are being attacked for being bleeding hearts, instead of staying quiet and getting on with it.

Give them a break: Overcoming the nonsensical tradition of the stiff upper lip is exactly what they are trying to do.

But worst of all is the instruction to think of three people who make you smile – at that too-early stage of the day no-one makes a person smile.

GIVE HARRY AND WILLS A CHANCE I’m feeling sorry for the young royals.


ooh, let’s say twenty minutes if you are young and a tad longer if you are old enough to have to make the kids’ lunches and also gild the lily a little. What you should be doing is this: Rising early enough to achieve seven things by 7am.I know, you’re thinking possibly that’s a bit irrational given that they are wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice and not bad looking either but, you know, Harry and William and Kate are trying to do a good thing.They are trying to make it more acceptable to talk about mental health problems in the only way they can – by talking about their own experience. As hard for them as for anyone, despite their exalted status.These impressive, wing-like structures are perforated in order to deflect and reduce the speed of wind as it passes through and over them.“I appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience for those living and working nearby and would like to thank everyone for their patience in advance.

Please be assured that we will do everything we can to ensure disruption is kept to an absolute minimum, particularly during the out-of-hours deliveries.” Some lane closures will be in operation after the baffles have been installed while road resurfacing takes place.I don’t blame them for being angry, of course I don’t. Mostly a hysteria-inducing rush of bullying lorries, cars that pass too close, drivers who are cycle-blind, and toxic fumes. But wouldn’t it be lovely if cycling were not like that? If we could sit astride our normal bikes in our everyday, normal clothes and stay within a range of normal emotions.



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