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The code is as shown here: Information about the Service Locator can be found over here: class registers the Main View Model class in the IOC container in its constructor : This will be used for Data Binding across views in the application.Step 2: In the project, add a new folder with the name ‘Model’. NET Entity Data Model with the name ‘Company EDMX’ This code defines an interface for accessing data from the database using Entity Framework.The setter of the property calls the Raised Property Changed method which will internally raise Property Changed event when the data from the collection changes.Define the IData Access Service object at the View Model class level as shown here: The above method calls Get Employees() method from the Data Access Service class and puts all Employees in the Employees observable collection.For example, Model-View-Presenter (MVP) is suited for Windows Forms; Model-View-Controller (MVC) for ASP.NET MVC; Model-View-View Model (MVVM) works well with WPF and so on.


The project will add necessary libraries and the ‘View Model’ folder with the following two classes: - Main View - This class is inherited from View Model Base class and it provides access to Raised Property Changed method for notifiable properties.

HTML defines the content structure, CSS defines content presentation and Java Script defines how the content interacts and behaves with the user.

To realize the So C principle, many Design Patterns have emerged over the years.

For those interested, there’s a good article by Martin Fowler which explains the differences in these patterns over here.


XAML enables So C in WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 apps by separating the GUI of the application from the programming logic (coded in C #or VB. Model-View-View Model (MVVM) is a design pattern that addresses So C by allowing separation of your Business logic from the View (UI), which ultimately makes it easier to write unit tests and enables parallel development and design.

In the View Model class, now define Relay Command object as below: Use the constructor dependency for passing the IData Access Service to the View Model’s constructor.



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