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Sir Isaac Newton in a letter to his rival scientist Robert Hooke wrote in 1676 that "if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." I feel somewhat the same in writing Cather's biography four decades after her death.


She changed her birth date; she altered details of her life; she exaggerated many events; she revised her opinions.

Hundreds of pages of Cather's journalistic writings have been dug from the dusty magazine and newspaper files where they first appeared and republished.

All of her stories have been collected, including many she gladly would have expunged from the record if she could have.

My book, , appeared in 1970 and was based on much primary material that had not been available to Brown.


I was able to correct errors and add details, but my record was far from complete, and it also contained its own errors.

Elizabeth Sergeant's memoir of her long friendship with Cather is another important contribution to Cather studies, as are the reminiscences of Ferris Greenslet, Alfred Knopf, and many others who knew her.



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