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Vu and I talked about the photoshoot and decided we wanted to go above and beyond our previous shoots with her.

We reached out to our good friend Carlie Renee to be our stylist for the photo shoot. She did Veronica’s hair and makeup (wait until you see the behind the scenes video, fun stuff) and did the wardrobe styling, as well as some posing.

Episode 6 - All Access Pass The more voices, perspectives, lanugages, and people contributing to the Web, the richer the experience for everyone. The more voices, perspectives, lanugages, and people contributing to the Web, the richer the experience for everyone. Around the world, there are grassroots efforts, government efforts and business efforts to get people online. Angela Siefer: For the most part, I don’t find myself in argument’s anymore about why the internet is necessary today.

Remember in this game you must answer questions using only your internet connection. He’s the Vice Chairman of the RS Fiber Cooperative. Dominic Girard: When it’s finished, 6,000 homes and businesses, 2,500 people living on farm land will all be these customers.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to have dial-up if you’re hoping for a full internet experience. They called it RS Fiber and it’s a combination of super fast fiber optic cable internet and a better than ever Wi-Fi network, too.

You could either talk on the phone or get on the web, not both at the same time so I would literally have to wait for my parents to go to bed at night before I could log on, which was crazy.

Largely in and around these counties called Renville and Sibley and these are towns with names like Winthrop, Fairfax, Gaylord, Gibbon and Buffalo Lake. They decided they were going to build a member-owned high-speed broadband network all by themselves. Dominic Girard: So well, let me introduce you to a few people that we talked to and let them tell you what they’ve been facing to give you like a sense of what’s going on there. Dominic Girard: Jenny; she’s a mom and her two kids well, they need internet access to do their homework obviously. Jenny Hazelton: It’s a struggle because when you don’t have great access at home then you have to find time to find a place to go so they can get the access.

Chuck: Ooh, Leroy with an analog penalty; minus 100 gigabucks. Chuck: You didn’t use the internet, Leroy, so you get left behind. Our friendly neighborhood producer, Dominic Girard, took a look at one project in Minnesota that’s midway through construction. Dominic Girard: Specifically, for this story, we’re focusing on the slow as molasses internet service that affects a group of communities in South Central Minnesota as you said. Now this is a once in a lifetime for us and we want to make the most of it. Veronica Belmont: Alright, so a quote, once in a lifetime opportunity, he says. Veronica Belmont: How badly needed is this broadband for the good people of Renville and Sibley. I am currently waiting for high-speed internet to come to us.


Veronica Belmon T: No, and this is super frustrating ‘because they have real work to do and if they’re waiting on that kind of stuff that’s bananas. Everyone was on board, but how far along are they now?

What is life like without fast Internet, and how does life change once a person has it? Chuck: How fast would you say your home internet speed is? I only have dial-up available in my town so I’d say pretty slow. Veronica Belmont: For the people who are already hooked up, how have things changed for them so far? He doesn’t yet have the fiber service, but he’s on the new wireless service. Veronica Belmont: RS Fiber isn’t the only example of communities banding together to build themselves a better internet.



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