Who is sheridan smith dating 2016

Speculation on social media (and in the Daily Mail) is rife, suggesting Smith was variously drunk, raving, locked in her dressing room or screaming expletives at her producer.

Did the cast actually boo when the house manager announced the show was suspended for 'technical difficulties'?

The second — and more tumultuous — understudy issue has been going on at the Menier Chocolate Factory, and subsequently the Savoy Theatre, where Funny Girl has been disrupted by issues surrounding its hugely popular star Sheridan Smith.

Also top of their list of gripes was that you mention Sunset Bvld before Funny Girl because 'clearly Funny Girl is like a much bigger show and Sheridon is waaaay more talented than Glen Close'It's actually hysterical. If it was headline or understudy I'd be none the wiser.



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