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Since: I’m really sorry to bring this up, but was once a thing.

It was painfully unfunny and the only actor from the films who consistently appeared on the show was Michael Winslow.

She then shamelessly came to his house and asked him out on a date.

Even when she learned that he lived with Rachel, she was still interested.

They, of course, soon have sex in his office, during which he yells, “I’m giving you a raise.” Since: In the comedy world, Lewis is best known as Beth on : Nina, a model, eats and eats but doesn’t gain a pound.

George suspects she’s bulimic, especially after hearing her make a “blah” noise in the bathroom after dinner.

Every season or so, I change my DVR to record a different sitcom for late night viewing – a show I watch as I fall asleep.


Inexplicably, Ross managed to land Bonnie, played by Christine Taylor.

Along the way, Ross managed to hook up with an extremely hot scientist named Charlie, who was not only smokin’ hot, she was also interested in his nerdy-side.

While we all suspend disbelief, since no such character actually exists, assuming one did, once again, Ross banged her.

best unexplained jokes was why dozens of attractive women would fall for guys like Jerry and George. (I get the Kramer thing.) With the exception of Susan, who lasted longer than any female should want to in the company of George, seemingly every episode brought a new girlfriend or lover for the diminutive, balding, angry, Yankees-employed momma’s boy.


Below you can find what all of George’s lady lovers from season 6-9 have been up to.

In an attempt to call off the relationship, he suggests a ménage à trios.



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