Who is rabbit from real chance of love dating boyfriend dating someone else


Rabbits tend to idealize relationships and not see the real picture, so when the spark of the relationship has dimmed, they tend to look to others for support.It is also due to this personality trait that matrimony between these two should be thought of carefully and equality is practiced.The Rabbit likes to relax and will make sure the Ox does not work too hard.The Ox can have a big ego but the Rabbit’s diplomatic nature always ensures that the Ox’s feelings are not hurt.

The Rat is possessive and romantic while the Rabbit is quite passive.Although they are both charming, rarely would they be dedicated or giving enough to work it out.The Rat is sociable, active and cunning by nature, while the Rabbit on the other hand, has a mild temperament and can be a little dim when it comes to strenuous activity and socializing; these differences may seem like a mismatch.She appreciates the romance and poetry of the relationship; however it is wise for him to take things slow and gentle.

In return, she will do all she can to make the relationship enticing and interesting. The Rabbit pair can live together peacefully as both have an identical personality, enabling them to be perfect partners, friends, and companions.

They are both intelligent and would do whatever that is necessary for the relationship to work.



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