Who is lucas till dating 2016


The Leadfoot Festival pays respect to the most significant and outstanding drivers.Rod Millen personally hand selects championship racers from around the world along with their distinguished racing machines to receive the coveted invitation to participate in the Leadfoot Festival.Rick raced at the Leadfoot Festival for the first time in 2015 and placed 3rd in the pre-75 class. Andy was the runner up first division British Formula Ford Championship, 1998 Formula Palmer Audi Rookie of the year, Winner New Zealand Grand Prix 2000, Winner Denny Hulme Memorial Trophy 2000, Tasman Series Champion 2000, NZV8 Champion 20.He was the first ever driver to win back-to-back Championships.


He has won many awards at the Four and Rotary nationals and competed in the SS2000 and NZGT championship racing the Group C RX-7.He has since completed a Lotus 11 replica (chassis by Peter Bruin) and currently owns a 1926 Delage DI, Jaguar C Type and an MGB GT.Built up from parts as a sporting special around 1985 the car was made as light as possible making the most of the limited horsepower.Twenty three year old Shane started racing speedway at the age of twelve and was picked for the New Zealand Youth Ministock Team which raced in Australia over three years.


He was named Speedway Competitor of the Year from the Rotorua Stock Car Club and moved onto the D1NZ at 18 years old.The suspension is radical for an Austin 7 and the engine is built up copying original Austin Sports components of the day including pressure fed crankshaft, high capacity sump, high lift cam and lightened flywheel.



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