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Manning threw for just 225 yards with a pair of scores in the collapse against the Bolts. Even with his receivers struggling to catch the ball and Odell Beckham in an out with an ankle injury late in the game, Manning did everything he could to win in Tampa.He scrambled for a 14-yard touchdown in the second quarter, the longest of his career, and found Wayne Gallman and Rhett Ellison for touchdowns in the second half.Using an exceptionally fast, up-tempo offense with a short passing game designed for Manning to get rid of the ball quickly, the Giants moved the ball much better than they did in Weeks 1-2, and nearly pulled the upset only to lose on a last-second kick.Manning gets a better matchup in Week 4 against the Bucs.He didn't look sharp, but was playing without Odell Beckham and Brandon Marshall.Manning has potential to improve on his 2016 with a better supporting cast. It's the exact opposite of what Mara and most Giants brass were saying earlier this offseason.His touchdown was a red-zone throw to Evan Engram, who accounted for over half of Manning's yards. The test was needed after Manning took a knee to the head from teammate LT Ereck Flowers inadvertently following a takedown by Joey Bosa.It's a rare piece of good news for the Giants from Sunday after losing Odell Beckham to a broken ankle.

Manning looked completely lost playing without Odell Beckham, leading the Giants to six punts and a field goal.

Unless Manning can summon a time machine that brings Odell Beckham back from his broken ankle, he won’t be in the fantasy discussion when the Giants host the Rams after their bye week.



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