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Myers said Powell eventually coaxed her into another round of intercourse, where he pushed and choked her – and even penetrated her behind with his fingers against her will.Marlon Jackson and his wife of 41 years, Carol Ann Parker, have three adult children together, who all seem to keep a pretty low profile, with the exception of his son, who sometimes has a lil’ bit of trouble with the law.My thanks to the many people who have assisted with supplying names and other information relating to Newtown F. The Wrexham Club have the reputation of being the first organised Club to emerge in the Principality in 1873. There is however considerable evidence that the Druids, who played at Plas Madoc Park, Ruabon, were formed earlier. Other than that, Marlon’s and Carol’s babies, Valencia, Brittany, and Marlon Jr., stay as far away from the limelight as they possibly can.

First of all thank you for copies of the cuttings from the Montgomeryshire Express, as the information gives even more clarity to the formation of Wrexham Football Club to what we have already uncovered the past two months.

I'm very aware of the excellent Penmon web site and the collection of the late Keith Harding from his days as Chairman of Newtown FC.



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