Warehouse design and updating


How much data are you dealing with on a daily / weekly / monthly basis?

My source system track payments individually, I have nearly 70000 payments each day and respectively almost 500000 each weak and 2 million payments each month.

I include the field to connect to your status dimension if you want to fiter on that as well.

If your ETL detects that you've moved from New to Succeeded / Failed in the next hour, then you know it moved to "Processing" in that hour as well, but if you aren't tracking events on payments, you won't be able to know the specific time that it occurred.

If you request an update, please BACK-UP YOUR CURRENT THEME BEFORE UPDATING.”for your online warehouse.

Parts Warehouse is the ultimate parts theme with top notch, no nonsense design that is proven to help your products sell.

Are you reading via a web service or something that returns data row by row??

This worked for the accounting department because it meant never "rewriting history", which they hate.

Manually updating your theme in this manner will require purchaser to adapt the newly uploaded theme to their liking.

This means that if you have applied custom settings within the theme editor, you will need to re-configure these items within your new theme update.

First and foremost, Parts Warehouse was built with prominent left navigation.


As a result you are displaying more categories above the fold.With only 70k rows / day, you could probably even build an hourly ETL process that pulls over the 3000 rows per hour. Here's what I did and it worked really well: We made the decision that at midnight "the books were closed" for the day and everything was sent as-is to the warehouse.



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