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They made it to the airport and grabbed a flight to Newark. She saw CNN interviewing someone who was a few seats away from them at the concert, talking about witnessing people getting shot.

Safekey is a before- and after-school recreational enrichment program held at all Henderson elementary schools.

Program start and end times vary based on school bell times.

Contact the Youth Enrichment office in advance for more information or to confirm start/end times.

Visit the Kids Zone page to learn more or ask at your Safekey site.

Safekey is available at a flat rate* per child of for the before-school program and for the after-school program.

The couple got to the Luxor, made their way through security to their room and hunkered down for what would be four hours of sheltering in place.


"It put our minds at ease, getting to see them," he said. You think, 'Eh, that could happen here,' but you're not really thinking it could happen here...The city reserves the right to request supporting documentation.Safekey offers extended stay for parents who are unable to pick up their children by 6pm.We had absolutely no idea what was going on," Courtney Milham said.


She was able to call her parents at about a.m., but had trouble making more calls because the cell service networks were overwhelmed.

This fun-filled program focuses on crafts, games and special activities as an alternative while parents work.


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