Validating data in excel

Figure 12: Error Alert (List)There are several cool things that can be done with lists in Excel, for example, creating expandable lists, or dependent lists. If you want to restrict the length of a text entry you can do it as well.

For example, in our sample form, user is required to type comments between 20 to 300 characters.

The second is the Error Alert, this will let you set up a message when someone attempts to input information in the cell that does not match what you put in the Source.

Now all of the cells you initially chose will have a dropdown menu function with a list you can choose from for the cell.

This constraint can be enforced by following the steps given below.A few examples of this is to restrict the values of cells to be The data validation feature is found in the ‘Data’ tab as shown below.Figure 1: Data Validation Menu Option In order to illustrate the different types of data validation options.Figure 10: Error Alert (Date)In some cases, you want to force the user to enter values from a specific list.

In our sample form, user is required to select his place of birth in cell B14 from a predetermined list of places.There are two additional Data Validation tabs that you can use if you like.


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