Using and validating the strategic alignment model


By fostering cross-domain knowledge and building a dialogue between information technology professionals and functional mangers, information technology professionals understand more about the organization and its business and functional managers become familiar with existing and possible uses of information technology in the context of the firm and its industry (Peppard 2001).At this point, Sinformation systems P may include phases like strategic awareness, situation analysis, strategy conception, strategy formulation and strategy implementation planning (Mentzas 1997).The conclusion highlights the implications of the findings for both research and practice, along with suggestions for future research.The focus of this paper aims to outline how organizations achieve alignment and design their information systems with respect to their business strategies.



First, as many previous studies claim (e.g., Kearns and Lederer 2000; Avison .Secondly, and building on the first question, what are the mechanisms of design fit through which alignment can be achieved?


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