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You can open the Local Group Policy Object in Windows XP by clicking Start and clicking Run. The details pane will display the same settings that were outlined in the previous section.This option is used to configure how updates are downloaded and whether administrators are notified.This should be done when Software Update Services is installed.If not, open the appropriate GPO, under the Computer Configuration or User Configuration, right click the Administrative Templates folder and click Add/Remove Templates.The remaining settings that can be configured through a GPO are: As already mentioned Automatic Updates can also be configured locally if your network does not use Active Directory.

Within the details pane, double click Configure Automatic Updates and click Enabled.

Once this is complete, you then need to configure the client computers on your network to point to the WSUS server.

This entails deploying the required software on the network and configuring the required settings.

If it is enabled you can select one of the following settings as to how updates are downloaded and if the administrator is notified: You also need to point the client computers to the WSUS server on the network.

This can also be done through the Windows Update container within a GPO.

The details pane will display the options listed below: At a bare minimum, you need to configure the first two options to enable Automatic Updates and point the client computers to the WSUS server.



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