Types of girls to avoid dating

The Overly Feminist This type of woman assumes and believes man is the cause of all the pains and suffering of a society. To her, the man's responsible for paying for dinners, drinks, trips, jewelry, flowers etc.It is her strong belief that women are much more intelligent than men, and are capable of doing things "the correct way."Men, be careful with these types of women, because anything that you will attempt to do, no matter how well-intentioned and thoughtful, will always be negative to them. while she absolutely feels compulsion or guilt to reciprocate.She will expect the man to take care of her constantly and that all her wishes be granted; if not, she'll turn into screaming nag. The Angry Girl Similar to the feminist, she actually hates men.They often look down on men accounting a long list of all the injustice and transgressions of every guy that they shared a relationship with. These women have boiling rage at men that can, at any given moment explode.5.Be very aware of the perceptions of yourself that you are creating.If any of these characteristics that I just described could be applied to you, then I suggest you be humble, acknowledge your growth areas, and engage in some personal work on yourself.


She'll be clingy, needing constant attention and insistently torments you with her thoughts that you will leave her soon if you find someone better. The Abstract Or Elusive Type She is romantic but with a mysteriously dark side.It might be difficult now to face these realities, but if you do, you just might end up thanking me later.Gentlemen, consider yourselves warned, and BE CAREFUL! She hurt you and dumped you when you last expected.

Many menare chasing after a woman who lied them and used them.But, in order tostop this, you should know from the beginning which types of girls youshould avoid for to not be hurt again.



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