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It’s still too hard to find people to follow when you first sign up on Twitter.The company has made it easier to follow celebrities and media organizations you might want to hear from, but finding people you might actually with is a massive challenge the company still hasn’t figured out. These things hurt Twitter’s growth because they push people away before they ever see benefit from the platform. Wednesday was Twitter’s Q4 earnings and it was yet another quarter where a Twitter CEO, this time Jack Dorsey, said the company had a growth problem, and that it can be fixed with product improvements.Dorsey wants Twitter to be the go-to place for interactions around live events.I have 11,000 followers, people I assume follow me because they want to see what I’m tweeting.I tweeted 22 times last week, and my tweets were seen, on average, 3,500 times apiece.Despite an anonymous, public atmosphere that’s intended to encourage conversation, Twitter’s product is actually hindering people from doing what social networks are supposed to do best: Connect people.



Tech companies are increasingly keen to secure rights to sporting events.

Social media giants are offering tens of millions of dollars to Fox so that they can play clips from the Russia World Cup on their platforms, according to a Bloomberg report that cites sources familiar with the matter.


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