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i dream about my middle brother he was dancing,which he loves to dance ,also when my brother (Middle)was on his sick bed (in Hospice) he had fruits on his table and there was fruit flies flying around in his room ,he never wanted me to throw away the fruits , i was in my bathroom brushing my teeth looking in the mirror and a fruit fly was flying around my face,im still grieving for my last 2 brothers my oldest brother stay on my mind also since my other 2 brothers pass away.

Reply I’ve been seeing people that looks like a family member that passed away recently and one yesterday from my daughters aunt that passed away 20 years ago. I also have been seeing the numbers 444, 333, 777, 555 Reply My 30 yr old son Adam passed away unexpectedly.

During that moment my cell phone chimed 3 times , when I went to see who it was there was nothing there at that moment I knew it was Adam as that is how we communicated at night. Reply My grandma died when I was 12 years old and we lived in different countries.

We both had the same name and I never had a dream about her until I was 28 years old.

I used to visit her frequently when she was in the hospital, so I think this was her way of telling me she was there with me.

I also dream of her every now and then, healthy and smiling.

Reply I lost my sister last year to a terminal illness. One night at random I woke up to pressure on my bed as if someone had sat on it.The fact that they were young and healthy was comforting.Reply Hi I,m Reading these comments and i,m in tears,i also a family member pass away I had a Brother (Older)Pass away at age 37- February 1997 also I had a Brother(Younger) Pass away at age 47-December 2016 also i had a Brother (Middle) Pass away at age 49-July 2017 i had a dream of my older brother he looked Good he had a glow about him ,i dream about him a few times he never talk ,he died of lung cancer ,when i seen him i no for sure he was OK my youngest brother i dream of him but he was young,and he was just smiling at me.When she came into my dream, I’d left an abusive marriage with my baby and she said to me that it was going to be ok and to tell my father who was her son.


It felt so real and know it was her for real and not just a regular dream.

I believe she is my guardian angle and was sent from God maybe? To summarize my relationship with her, she was the one who raised me and gave me unconditional love treating me like her own daughter.


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