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Dubbed the Signature Series, we got a closer look at their bookshelf (S20), Slim Center Channel (S35), and their tower speaker (S60).

Has audio company Nakamichi gone too far with their new 9.2 DTS: X soundbars, the Shockwafe Ultra?

Is this product a Sidekick or Superhero in its category?

Read on to find and be sure to watch our Youtube Video review.

The company that started life as a subscription DVD rentals has built an entertainment empire on award winning but expensive original content on a bleeding-edge streaming service.

Earnings statements for Netflix have been rosy as revenue and subscribers grow at an incredible pace.

Harman International has joined Wi SA, the Wireless Speaker and Audio Association.


The Polk Magni Fi Mini Soundbar and wireless sub has some wonderful features in a small package.The Paradigm Persona 5F tower speaker is a three-way tower speaker featuring beryllium midwoofer and tweeter, and three 7" bass drivers.This highly-regarded Canadian loudspeaker manufacturer has launched themselves into the high-end speaker market with their Persona product line; their first foray into speakers with five-figure price tags.The Denon AVR-X7200WA Atmos/DTS: X AV receiver sports 9 channels of amplification and the UHD video support.

We tested a full 11 speaker configuration with the Auro 3D upgrade for a spectacle of sound.

Check out this preview of the new and exciting 9.2 soundbar system that eliminates speaker wires and minimizes power cords.


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