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Who could forget the ancient story of Achilles gaining victory over the Trojan Prince Hector in a particularly devastating table tennis bout.And most of all, while Pheidippides’ run following the Greek victory at the battle of Marathon gets all the glory, today we also commemorate in the Olympic Games the tenacious if less celebrated efforts of an unnamed Achaean soldier after the Battle of 50 Kilometer Race Walk.An eclectic collection of competitive, recreational, and instructional athletic programs is available through club sports.Many club sports offer a full competitive schedule allowing both the true competitor and the recreational student-athlete to participate.Four new sports will be making their debut on the Olympic stage: sport climbing, dance sport, karate and roller sports.


(The IOC simply refers to the sport as “rugby,” but it’s the seven-man version, not the 15-man one, and that’s what we’re talking about here.) And apparently there’s a sleeper audience out there for water polo, the blood sport, which somehow comes out on top of basketball.

" More than 55,000 matchups later, including at least 900 for each event, we have our win percentages: Of the big three groupings — track and field events, swimming and gymnastics — swimming comes out on top when the win percentages of its events are consolidated into an average, but track and field has the most beloved events of all.



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