States mandating flu vaccine

What if these policies were ultimately driven by financial incentives for those who make and enforce them?The following answers, interspersed with personal stories I have heard directly from parents, patients and healthcare workers, will have you questioning the next time you are faced with vaccine decisions.In the healthcare industry, 3.75% is enough to make a hospital sink or swim.The hospitals, predictably, acquiesced by demanding their employees be vaccinated or fired.While at dinner one evening with a friend who owns five small hospitals, we discussed flu vaccines.He mentioned that he had required all of his employees to be vaccinated and he, likewise, took the flu vaccine.This is evidently not so much a health policy, but a transactional policy: mandates are being forced upon employees so that hospitals will reap financial gain.

An informed and educated healthcare consumer is the best protection against becoming a statistic in the epidemic of eroding national health. She is most well-known for her work with hundreds of Gulf War Veterans who became ill after receiving the anthrax vaccine.

A nursing student who was completing her degree was forced to get a flu shot in order to participate in clinical practice experience which was required for graduation.

She reported: I was forced to get a flu shot, which I later found out contained mercury, and I felt sick from it for over a year.

In retrospect, he wondered why he needed it since he had never gotten the flu before getting the vaccine.

He decided the following year that, despite continuing to require that his employees be vaccinated, he would no longer take the risk himself. He continued to notice high absentee rates but he remained healthy that winter.There are no legally mandated vaccinations for adults, except for persons entering military service.


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