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Men and women engage in cybersex about equally, he added. People feel very, very violated, particularly because often that communication occurs on the same computer that Johnny and Suzy use for their homework."Moreover, in his work, he has found that about 50 percent of people that engage in cybersex take the contact a step further by talking on the phone, and some--about 15 to 30 percent--meet in person."The good news is that this does not end all marriages necessarily," he said of the couples he sees in therapy.They also report withdrawal-like symptoms when they're away from the Internet, explained Greenfield, who founded the Center for Internet Studies in West Hartford, Conn., and wrote the book "Virtual Addiction" (New Harbinger, 1999). "[If] you go home and tell your spouse about it, how do you think they're going to feel about it? "In some cases, it can actually be a new beginning for them."The key to successful therapy, he said, is to address the shame and secrecy that often surrounds compulsive cybersex and help clients restructure their computer use.He said that he worries about having an emergency every day.“At any given time, my sugar could drop,” Carter said.For example, clients can move the computer to a public room or install software that blocks access to adult sites.He added that psychologists should routinely ask clients about their Internet use during intakes, including whether others see it as a problem.--D.Stuck in the middle People in the gap make too much money to qualify for MO Health Net, Missouri’s existing Medicaid program, but too little to receive a federal subsidy to buy coverage on


Democrats argued that legislators had a moral obligation to expand the program, but were outvoted by Republicans, 37 to 109.“It’s a big lug on our budget, it prevents us from doing a lot of good work in this body.And I too will oppose any increase in Medicaid,” Flanigan said.At any given time, a half dozen people sit in the waiting room at Affinia Healthcare in south St. Two parents coo over a new baby, while a group of older patients chat along the back wall. An embroidered polo shirt and badge show he’s just come from work. Three years after Missouri’s legislature first shut down the option to expand Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act, an estimated 173,000 adults who could have been covered by the law remain uninsured.


I just keep it in motion,” he said, as he waited to pick up a prescription to manage his diabetes.

Mona Bryant, a patient who has since been able to sign up for health insurance on the exchange, found herself in the same situation last year.


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