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he was found guilty of predatory sexual assault against a child and endangering the welfare of a child.

"We hope that today's verdict will help the family in the healing process." TMZ broke the story -- Minaj never testified during the trial -- despite claims she would by her brother's defense team.

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According to the RAC, excessively breaking the speed limit puts lives at risk and causes danger to every other road user.

“Hopefully, hitting these offenders harder in the pocket will make them think twice before doing it again in the future,” spokesman Pete Williams said.


Nicki Minaj's brother was just found guilty in his child rape trial ... The verdict for Jelani Maraj came in Thursday in Long Island ... Shop French brands like Soft Grey and Taillissime or guest brands such as Ellos, Nike and Levi's.Buy and earn cashback rewards with these great offers.Campaigners said this lulls many motorists into a false sense of security that they do not have to declare the course to insurers, in the hope their premiums will not rocket for a speeding-related offence.

• Motorists face 'zero tolerance' approach to speeding on the motorways However, insurers usually operate a “catch all” clause in their policies about keeping them informed about factors which may affect your driving, and failing to declare a course could lead them to cancel cover in the event of an accident, experts said.Drivers going significantly above the speed limit will now be dealt with more severely - fines could be 150 per cent of the motorist’s weekly income, which is an increase on the current level of 100 per cent.



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