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She has a friend down in Mexico that got her family a newboat so her old one available for us at a very discount price if We are interested, Needless tosay mom jumped right in to the opportunity.

There was one catch, We have to pick up that sailingboat in Mexico. We went down to Mexico on the weekend of my Spring Break, We spent the night in our boat.

I alsorealized we were 100 miles from coast and We are all alone here.

I was thinking " I should make a movenow, If she get mad then we have two weeks at sea for her to cool off . If I try to seduce her then that could take weeks and I want to fuck her right now.

Mom told me " How about you and I go down there on your spring break then wesail it back to California ? She added " You would have plenty opportunity to try out the boatand We can get fresh air for two weeks ? The weather was pretty hot, good thing we were on water, little cooler. However, As luck had it, We werearound 100 miles from the coastline, there We ran in to a region with calm sea and no wind at all.

She got up early thatmorning to picked up enough supply for two weeks at sea. The boat drifted slowly south, The sun was unforgiving and temperature was raising fast, peakedout 115F at around 1PM.

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Her voice sorta backto normal tone now and her eyes was peeking at my hard cock few time. My heart skipped a beat when I heard she said " What do you want me to do? After awhile, I confessed to her " Mom, I am to nervous to focus, you might remove the bra ? I was moaning and moving my hips up and down tits fucking her.Thumbnails are automatically generated from the pictures.


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