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We hung out, generally in a group setting, and really hit it off. There was definite chemistry, but we were too clueless or too socially inept to see it and make a move.

We started hanging out just the two of us, getting breakfast together or studying together in the residence hall lounge. Eventually, some of our friends stepped in and played matchmaker, but they really didn’t have to do much.

”I owe my understanding of the cultural shift in dating to Dr. He visited Trevecca Nazarene University in the fall of 2014 and lectured on the topic “Sliding vs. Stanley is a research psychologist and professor at the University of Denver and is a recognized specialist on cohabitation (living together without being married).

His assumption is that dating builds the necessary foundation skills for commitment in marriage and that the demise of dating has left us sliding into relationships rather than deciding about relationships. Boone adds this later in his article: Now, breakup is hard because there was no commitment to break up from.


To propose your sims have to be in top mood I think too. Both of my sims are females and I thought maybe this may be why, but I can't imagine it would be that considering it's never been an issue before and sims had always been gay friendly.They must be a teen before coming boyfriend/girlfriend and they must be an adult to get engaged. Dont try to marry someone who doesnt have any family members because they will never turn t a different age unless they move in with you.1. Start with the first thing on the romance list and work your way down and keep on doing that until it gives you more Options.5. This can take you real life hours to get them to accept. Then when you want to have your wedding click the person then phone then throw party and select wedding party and time and guests.


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