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Within minutes the 22 people poisoned were in 'agony', suffering fits and slipping out of consciousness and tragically two people failed to recover.The Maryport & Carlisle Railway (M&CR) was an English railway company formed in 1836 which built and operated a small but eventually highly profitable railway to connect Maryport and Carlisle in Cumbria, England.It comes two years after a separate investigation resulted in nurse Victorino Chua being jailed for at least 35 years.Chua killed two people and poisoned 21 others when he injected insulin into saline bags which were unwittingly used by other nurses at Stepping Hill Hospital in Stockport.The seven mile section from Maryport to the pits at Arkleby (1¼ miles short of Aspatria) was opened for mineral traffic on 15 July 1840.: Soon after eleven o'clock the directors and their friends, including several ladies, took their seats in the train, and off they set to Arkleby and Oughterside; at the latter place they took in charge twenty waggons of coal from the pits of Mr.Harris of Greysouthen , Bridges on the line were built with little more than a foot (0.3m) lateral clearances between bridge and train; much less than came to be the norm in the UK, and as a consequence unwary passengers have in the past stuck their head out of a window and been killed.Early in the eighteenth century new collieries started work and in 1749 Humphrey Senhouse lord of the manor constructed a harbour and founded the town of Maryport at the mouth of the River Ellen.


The other trains started at intervals sufficiently "respectable" to ensure safety from all chance of collision. nearly on the site of the ancient hospital of Saint Nicholas.

When thoughts turned again in the 1820s to improving the links from Newcastle to Cumberland a Newcastle -Carlisle canal was rejected in favour of a railway.


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