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“This is not something that you ever expect to happen in your life-- to have somebody that goes missing,” said best friend Brittany Brooks.“What do you think happened to her?

” Miller asked.“It’s really hard to say,” Brooks replied. We always called it the million-dollar smile.”After Shelley’s divorce in 2009, they became even closer. ” Miller asked Brooks.“I think part me, and part her mother and her family,” she replied. He was absolutely -- he was definitely more than just a bad boy.”Brooks and Shelley met Mook back in high school. were like, ‘Oh, you know, take a look at who just walked in.

I've paid my dues and completed my probation this past May.

I was curious as to what I should expect from my expungement hearing and whether not I 'd be drug tested.


” Miller asked.“Yes,” said Brooks.“She was intrigued? They had their daughter and moved down to central Tennessee to be closer to Tyler’s family. ” Miller asked.“When it was good it was really, really good. The couple had an on-again, off again relationship, and when they finally divorced in 2009, Tyler kept trying to get back with her.The next day, when she didn’t show up for work, Shelley’s mom called police. The one that firefighters rushed to in the middle of the night? it was to get rid of fingerprints or any kind of evidence that they might have left behind.”And if covering up a crime was the goal of the arsonist, it apparently worked.


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