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Such a person would be viewed in the same way as a disfellowshipped person." (6) "At a session three weeks later, April 30 [1975], President Knorr surprised us by making a motion that thenceforth all matters be decided by a two-thirds vote of the active membership (which by then numbered seventeen)." Raymond Franz, Crisis of Conscience (Commentary Press Fourth Edition 2004) p.85.The effect of requiring a 2/3 majority is discussed in Franz's book In Search of Christian Freedom. The Myths of Disfellowshipping Written Jun 2005. Staying away from meetings leads in that very direction." Watchtower 1965 Dec 15 p.751 (4) When a person is marked they are not named and are allowed to continue contact with others.Only those who specifically know of the person's wrongdoing are advised to stop associating with the person socially, but may still speak to them at the meetings.The doctrine on disfellowshipping puts serious question marks over any claim of love that Jehovah's Witnesses attempt to make.(1) "In recent years disfellowshippings worldwide have been approximately 1 percent of publishers." Watchtower 1992 Jul 1 p.19 (2) Statistics provided in Watchtower 1974 Aug 1 p.

The Watchtower Society claims love is one of its distinguishing factors and that Jehovah's Witnesses are a loving brotherhood.You can filter things through your identity as well as be confident in what you are doing by knowing who you are.Unfortunately the church is looking more like a 14 year old teenage boy then a self-confident 33 year old man.These are not just rules for them to follow at our house. Our children represent our family wherever they go, and we expect them to behave accordingly.


Hundreds of thousands of Witnesses are currently disfellowshipped and estranged from their families and friends.

It seems that we are pretty hard on ourselves and therefore seem to always have problems.


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    The following clocks point to a young earth, solar system, and universe.

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