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Love is automatically connected with condoning something, or accepting what people believe.

And like, I’m not saying this before I get a slew of emails calling me some sort of bigot or something like that, I’m not endorsing bullying or something that like that. But I think we live in this culture that, you have to be safe all the time – at least emotionally safe.

The first couple dates, even the first few months of dating can be awkward. We’ve lost the ability to be critical about everything in our society. He has a video online, and he will no longer go to American universities and perform comedy.

I go to Trinity Western University, and I have a major in English and then I have a concentration in Religious Studies. If we’re neutralizing everything to making it equal for both, we both pay, then there’s less things for someone to know “Does this person like me or not? Well, to be honest, if any guy was expecting the woman to pay on the first date, to me that just seems weird. ” Let’s just say that the first date is always awkward. What I want to talk about is – it seems like in our culture, and a lot with young adults because they’re steeped in our culture most of the time, is that we’ve lost the ability to be critical.



A part of it too is that we just have this huge skewed view of love nowadays.

Alright, so I guess mine is a behaviour that I’ve noticed. There seems to be a bit of confusion around dating and gender norms, I guess? And I think there’s a lot that plays into the confusion, given the way that culture is significantly changing in regards to gender norms and gender identity. It seems that, especially in Christian circles, that people either date and get married really young, or there’s a big gap and people are getting married in their thirties and forties. Okay, the first aspect when you talk about who pays on the first date, what do you mean by that exactly? Right, and you were talking about an article in some major news source… And she wrote a big response as to, “I have money – let us figure out who’s going to pay, it’s none of the waiter’s business,” all this stuff.


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    Speed dating is a craze that has swept the nation and provides a a different way of making plenty of contacts and hopefully meeting that person with whom you really get on.

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    This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Grand Theft Auto 5.

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    If this is true, we can only hope that producers of the BET Awards will figure out some way for Havoc and Lil' Kim to perform a song in honor of Prodigy -- say, their 1999 remix track for “Quiet Storm”?

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