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A year ago, I was lying on a beach in Turkey and had a call from two different friends both complaining about their experiences with online dating.For some reason, friends come to me frequently with dating disasters or relationship issues.Facebook probably has the best and largest database of humanity's relationship status, after all.Almost everyone checks or changes their relationship status on Facebook from time to time — and dating companies like and Zoosk advertise heavily on the site.I for one have been that person so I can relate to how they’re feeling about dating again.Facebook is ground zero for dating web sites and singles-app advertising.

One friend had acquired a stalker after passing over his mobile number and the other had been on numerous sites for years and just didn’t have any luck.

I couldn’t see where there was a service element for the members parting with money every month.


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    David hid himself near the stairwell and started waiting for his victim.

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    We offer a place where you can talk to new people and .

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    He began to contact me regularly and was always incredibly sweet, flirty, chivalrous, and assertive.

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