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Approximately 16 buses travel from Munich to Vienna per day.

Bus companies that travel from Munich to Vienna include Flixbus, Eurolines, and Hellö.

All trains that travel from Munich to Vienna are operated by Deutsche Bahn.

I will be trying to liveblog Financial Cryptography 2016, which is the twentieth anniversary of the conference.

The crypto problem is how to do multi-jurisdiction message processing that protects not just content but also metadata.

Systems like Tor cost latency, while multi-party computation costs a lot of cycles.

A variety of transport options are available for traveling from Munich to Vienna.

The journey is just over 400 kilometers and flying is the fastest option.



The key component is c-Mix, whose spec up as an eprint here.As with DNS we should have servers operated by (say ten) different principals; unlike in that case we don’t want to have most of the independent parties financed by the US government.


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