Radiometric dating geologic time and the age of the earth


Free 5-day trial This lesson explains the main features of topographic maps, including contour lines, index contours and contour intervals.It will also cover two rules that all contours follow and discuss geologic maps and the information they contain. Golden banana slices on the bottom, two or three nice big scoops of frosty ice cream, warm caramel & chocolate, maybe even some bright sprinkles…Oh and don't forget the best part, the whipped cream.Speaking of lines, if you see lines or markings that are black, those are typically geologic markings which contrast the brown contour lines showing elevation.The most obvious feature here is color, lots of color.


But what would happen if there was a section of the map that had a circle with little hairs coming off of it?

We begin our focus on the basic part of a topographic map, all those lines. Think of it this way, if you had a tub of water with a big rock in it and you started filling the tub with water but paused every minute to draw a line where the water had risen to - those lines would be like contour lines.


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