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There will be a boy and a girls, and they will start to make music, then they are like "you are kind of cute, let's try this." Then they are fighting and making things complicated. " I figured someone had put it up on Lime Wire or something.

I remember or parents calling and saying "oh, your CD is up by the way, maybe you should promote it.? We didn't even have time to be nervous about how we were going to do on our first day. " Trevor: Some of the songs were re-makes of demos that we had previously released, like "Blame It On the Rain," and others were concepts that we had been working on for a while like "Kiss it All Better." "Prove You Wrong" was a song that we had a couple months prior to recording, and we ended up changing the chorus on it.

Team MIID are incredibly excited to share some fabulous news about our co-founder and course instructor Rachael Taylor!

For those currently taking (or are alumni of) Module 3: Monetising Your Designs, you’ll know Rachael has a wealth of insider knowledge and expertise when it comes to art licensing, selling your designs, and manufacturing.

To help other creative businesses and aspiring artistic individuals out there, Rachael has shared her industry knowledge in the most recent issue of Country Homes & Interiors magazine (June’s issue – 153).

Rachael’s guest article is all about licensing, covering the unique pros and cons of selling your work.

As long as you know that I'm not trying to be a "trendy hipster," with these.... Trevor: We were like,"Oh sweet, our parents listened to it 2 times today," so we were up to like 8 plays.

Trevor: Why don't you just have them play your wedding?

The article truly is packed full of handy info about the world of licensing and its potential for you as a designer.

It was so great to see Make it in Design get a mention too!

I recently got to catch up with Rachel and Trevor of He Is We, while they were on tour with The Scene Asthetic, Carter Hulsey and Plug In Stereo....


Check out there latest music video at Is We VEVO Trevor: Yeah, that's the story.Trevor: In a co-write session, their mindset it to help you write.



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