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The scoring synopsis provided on the scoreboard pages (pages 1, 2, and 3) of the Footwear Industry Report is straightforward and easily grasped—we get few questions about how the scoring works.Company co-managers can discern exactly why their scores are high or low relative to the other companies, and it is always indisputably clear which companies are the industry leaders and which companies are being outperformed.For instance, if ROE is given a weight of 20% (20 points), an industry-leading ROE performance of 25% gets a score of 20 points and a company with an ROE of 20% (which is 80% as good as the leader’s 25%) gets a score of 16 points (80% of 20 points)—the B-I-I scores for EPS, stock price and image rating work in precisely the same manner.The procedure is slightly different for the credit rating measure—each credit rating grade is tied to the number of points your instructor assigns to the credit rating (an A rating always gets a best-in-industry score equal to the instructor-chosen maximum, with the grades for other credit ratings scaled down all the way to 0 for a C rating).“Investor Expectation Score” based on a company’s success in meeting or beating the five investor-expected performance targets each year.There is also a Game-to-Date or “all-years” Investor Expectation Score that shows a company’s success in achieving or exceeding the expected performance targets over The best-in-industry or B-I-I standard concerns how well each company performs relative to the “best-in industry” performer on 4 measures—EPS, ROE, image rating, and stock price and how close each company comes to the ultimate credit rating of A .Together with Badman and Badmella, work towards total world domination!

These scores are determined by combining each company’s Investor Expectation Score and the Best-in-Industry Score into a single score using whatever weighting you wish (the default weighting—which we strongly recommend—is 50-50). As a general rule, we think that companies with an overall performance score of 90 or above at the conclusion of the decision rounds should get anywhere from an A– to an A on this portion of the BSG exercise.The five weights translate into 20 points out of 100 for each of the 5 performance measures, with the sum of the points adding to a total of 100 points.



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