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In the finale, Nate on his way to Dan and Serena's wedding, tells a reporter his intentions of running for mayor of New York; to which he would be the youngest mayor in the city's history. Archibald, is a French socialite, and his father, Captain Archibald, is a former Navy captain and a wealthy banker.

Nathaniel "Nate" Archibald, a "Waspoid", is a lacrosse player at the elite St. He smokes copious amounts of marijuana and was once caught and sent to drug rehabilitation for buying a dime bag in the park, where he met and briefly dated Georgina Sparks.

His father is arrested, and it is revealed that in addition to the drug-related charges, he is accused of embezzlement and fraud.

The same night, Nate and Blair break up due to his not really loving her anymore (Victor Victrola).

At the mixer, Nate gives his spot to Dan and finally tells his father he doesn't want to go to Dartmouth (Poison Ivy).

Nate and Chuck participate in a Lost Weekend and he is drawn to Carter Baizen, a former classmate who claims to have shunned his wealthy life and traveled around the world.

The next day, Nate spots Serena outside The Palace but she tells him they can't talk because she doesn't want Blair to be hurt.

By the end of the series Nate has realised that he loves both Blair - his on/off girlfriend and her best friend Serena.

In the finale he is the only main character who is still single.

Nate has aspirations for a future in politics, it was for this reason he took an interest in running The Spectator.

His father goes to rehab after nearly dying on Thanksgiving (Blair Waldorf Must Pie), and now that he has been relieved of his familial pressures, Nate has more time to miss Blair.

He notices that she seems lighter and happier (as a result of having a secret relationship with Chuck, of which Nate is unaware), and he wishes to get her back.

At Carter's invitation, Nate attends a poker game and loses quite a bit of money, and he realizes that Carter set him up.



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