Princess diana dating hasnat khan christian couples dating

But now, it turns out, there may be more to the story. Snell, who conducted extensive research and produced a documentary about Diana, says the princess wanted these pictures published to inspire jealousy in the man with whom she was really in love."Very near the end of her life, she said to one of her friends, 'I'm no longer lonely. "And I think that's the gift that one man gave her. Hasnat Khan."Khan, a cardiologist still practicing in London, has managed to avoid the flashbulbs and spotlights that dogged Diana incessantly. Prince Charles invited his lover, Camilla Parker Bowles, to the wedding and Diana knew it. She just wanted to do the very best she could, for the royal family.

But if Snell is right, the princess did indeed find the true love she had wanted all her life -- just before her death. She wanted to strike out and do the very best she could as Diana, the Princess of Wales," says Ken Wharfe, who was in charge of security for Diana.


"As I sort of went down to the ground floor, so the smell of cigar smoke became stronger and stronger. Hoare standing underneath this sort of decorative bay tree in the lobby of Kensington Palace, and unfortunately he couldn't get out because the door was locked and they were alarmed, but he was leaving the property," says Wharfe. But the end of the marriage was not the end of the problems in Diana's life.

She had a new relationship with married art dealer Oliver Hoare.

One night, Diana drove up to the palace, and her trunk popped open. "He said, 'Well, sir, quite late last night, sir, the princess arrives home …

When Hoare broke off the relationship and returned to his wife, Diana reportedly made more than 300 nuisance calls to his home.

Hoare called the police, who traced the calls to the princess. "I do think that the drip, drip effect of embarrassing revelations about her private life had a corrosive effect on her public image," says Jephson.

So, in 1996 she went to Pakistan, and visited a cancer hospital run by a well-known cricket player and politician, Imran Khan -- who was also Hasnat's distant cousin.


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