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This 14-track album is full of everything from heavy guitars and drums in punk tracks like “Opinion Overload” and “Boom” and “I Refuse”, to lighter melodies and the exploration of other genres including pop, reggae, and alternative with songs like “Singing in the Rain”, “I Don’t Want to Go to Bed”, and “I Dream About You.” The funny and charming lead singer of Simple Plan, Pierre Bouvier, got on the phone with us to give us an in-depth interview about the new album.

We talk about the band’s transformation in the writing room, keeping to the band’s identity and sound, and standing up for themselves even if it means leaving a few people behind. ” It’s exciting to see that they’re interested in what I’m doing. We want our kids to be able to come see us while we’re still doing well.

He is known as the lead vocalist and occasional guitarist of the Canadian rock band Simple Plan. He is married to Lachelle Farrar, and has three children.

Before and partly during his early musical career, Bouvier worked as a cook at St-Hubert in Montréal.

He attended Collège Beaubois in Pierrefonds, Quebec, with bandmates Chuck Comeau, Jeff Stinco, and Sébastien Lefebvre.

Bouvier has three daughters, and has been married to Lachelle Farrar since 2013.

His private estimates are extremely inspiring and tell a great deal about his fight.

Brianne is the Online Managing Editor for Viva Glam Magazine.



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