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The reference must be global so that you can refer to it by a fully qualified name.But just like in C, try to avoid having global variables.Because of this, they are not available from outside the block in which they are declared.There is no typeglob associated with a lexical variable and a lexical variable can refer only to a scalar, an array or a hash.Version 2.4.10 of all four apps are available now on the regular production channel.These have a new version of our Sync extension for Firefox users, a bug fix for Opera-without-Chrome users, and plays better with i Cloud in mac OS 10.13 Sigh.Global symbols reside in one symbol table or another.


When you create a symbol, Perl creates a symbol table entry for that symbol in the current package's symbol table (by default .If you need access to the data from outside the package, then you can return it from a subroutine, or you can create a global variable ( that has a package prefix) that points or refers to it, and return that.To refer to a global symbol we could write the pragma).

We can also omit the package name if we have imported the symbol into our current package's namespace.Note that when you create a variable, the low-level business of allocating memory to store the information is handled automatically by Perl.


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