Aside from kindness, another key aspect is self-control.A woman with a long history of choosing bad partners and failed relationships shows bad judgment.I’ve been with the same girl for over a year, and she takes care of all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and we have a lot of fun together.Temptation for other girls never goes away but overall I can’t think of a time in my life I’ve been this happy.I enjoyed all the time I spent with people, and it gave me a chance to see the differences between different interactions with people, and whether or not I would enjoy them beyond a purely sexual level.It took me a few dates before my girlfriend ended up in my bed, but by that time I was already bored with the other women out there, and the levels of selflessness she showed was well appreciated in full context.I used to bang randoms in the Philippines, but also had a handful of LTRs.I dated all kinds of women ranging from slum princesses to spoiled models, and some of them could be considered “nice girls”.


Usually it becomes apparent quickly if you’re dealing with someone who is shy to accept big favors and happy to give their kindness freely, or someone entitled and expecting constant maintenance.While it’s impossible to come up with a measure that applies universally, I think it’s usually easy to tell how someone leans once you’ve spent enough time with them.


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