Panelview plus slow updating


In this lesson you'll learn how to obtain a free, fully functional license of View Studio to use with this course.

From there, you'll learn how to use Panel View Plus Configuration Menu, walking through each of the different menus and settings, and learning how to accomplish key tasks like setting the panel's Ethernet address, copying .You'll also get a tour of the hardware, including the location of the indicator lights, reset switch, communication ports, memory card slot, and even learn how to disassemble the unit, the location of the replaceable internal components, and how to install optional communication modules.In this lesson you'll learn all about the Panel View Plus 400, 600, and Compact hardware specifications and limitations, as well as get a tour of the hardware and learn where the communications ports, memory cards, and communication card slots are located.In this lesson you'll learn about the new Panel View Plus 6 and Plus 6 Compact's specifications and enhancements contrasted against the original Panel View Plus.

You'll also learn about this new models limitations, as well as the location of the SD memory card slot, communication ports, and how to quickly determine if a unit is a Panel View Plus 6 or plain Panel View Plus.And if you have about anything covered in the course, you're encouraged to post your questions in the course's discussion area as the instructor visits several times each week for the sole purpose of answering student questions.


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