Old spice commercial guy dating

After transferring to Arizona State University in 1995, Mustafa was a starting wide receiver for the Arizona State Sun Devils but had an unspecified "confrontation" with a coach and was benched his senior year. Although Mustafa expected to become a high school teacher after graduation, a sports agent suggested that he try out for NFL teams.

The Tennessee Oilers signed him to the practice squad, then sent him to NFL Europe's Barcelona Dragons in 1998.


The Levis 501 Guy Note to AAA: Please hire a slew of men just like this one to respond to all calls for roadside assistance.

We're sorta obsessed with the new Old Spice ad—the dude is hilarious and looks damn good in a towel.



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    I've got these messages a few times now and I block and report them.

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    Check out our 'Callers online' feed on our home page to get up to date information on callers.

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