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" -Pamela, Knit4Charities, Australia "My 11 year old daughter showed me how to use the template and edit the site and before that my 13 year old son introduced me to it and set up my Freewebs account!So any other non-profit groups should find it quite easy to set up." -Philippa, La Leche League Stourbridge, United Kingdom "With the shortage of funds that most non-profits have, freewebs is a great way to be able to appeal to the Internet community without breaking the bank." -Kim, Caledon Natural Area, USA "Go ahead.I had absolutely no previous training in developing a website and I have managed to take care of the site on my own and have made it pretty informational just through using what was available to me through freewebs" -Kim, Caledon Natural Area, USA "I love my freewebs site because it is so easy for me to use…Freewebs site builder is very user-friendly.I know absolutely nothing about this but have had no problems building a site that I am quite proud of and that gets lots of compliments.All of them accomplish the most important thing: When you leave, you know what they do and how you can help.The Acumen Fund has one of the most innovative designs we’ve seen.The International Association of Dating Websites is a non-profit organization serving the needs of both dating website owners and members.

Of all the free ones on offer this one was the most straightforward and the easiest to complete and update." -Alison and Val, Baby Pack Project, South Africa "Make sure that the site is easy to navigate, and to be sure to add lots of pictures. where possible put photos on the site." -Alison and Val, Baby Pack Project, South Africa "3. Include a Comments page for readers to have their say. Make it interesting without going over the top." -Pamela, Knit4Charities, Australia "My top tips would be to keep the site simple but attractive with lots of pictures, the freewebs template of the baby's feet is very eye-catching.Non-Profits are often faced with a unique challenge when redesigning their websites.Like other websites, they need to clearly communicate the mission of the organization, have a clear call to action, and engage their audience.It also provides the opportunity for our old members to keep in touch and share stories about how YVC has positively influenced their lives." -Duduzile, Alpena Youth Volunteer Corps, USA "The website helps the group because mothers can find us via an Internet search, and keep in touch with any meeting changes via the notice board." -Philippa, La Leche League Stourbridge, United Kingdom "Our freewebs site is essential to the promotion of our group.

I have been able to put links back to it from several other websites who promote groups like mine.The homepage clearly tells their story, with sections on “What We’ve Accomplished”, “What We’ve Learned”, “Where We’re Headed”, and “How You Can Help”.


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