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My passion and dedication to the unique dating needs of singles over 40 led me to create my own Date Coaching & Matchmaking company entitled “The Courtship Coach”.

The formation of “The Courtship Coach” was born from my desire to assist singles over 40 find someone wonderful to love.

I am still looking for the "one", but I know that she is out there, and odds are that I will meet her through IJL.

I would recommend Julianne as a “Courtship Coach” 100% to friends, family or anyone who wants to date confidently and find their true soul mate.With this new passion ignited within me, I knew I had found my life’s work.As I continued to grow in my new found profession, I began to recognize that singles over 40 were under served in the dating world.Working with Julianne has been very refreshing because she “gets it”.


She has a very loving, caring and supportive style yet is very candid and honest in her approach.Hello, I am Julianne Cantarella, Dating Coach and Matchmaker.



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    In one episode, the cast works at a local retro diner under the management, Vanilla Ice hoists Gary Coleman above the deep-fryer, and insists on having the former child star say his catchphrase, "What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?

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