Neil strauss guide to online dating

I think this stuff is simply too complex and nuanced to really teach on a website.The best way to get better at talking to girls, is to simply go out there and talk to them.The traditional way to get involved in the PUA community is to go online, to look for other PUA’s in your city or town. Just google “pickup artist” or “pua” and the name of your city.You’ll find links to various message boards and lairs.It’s another thing to be able to just go out there and do it. I was habitually talking over girls, interrupting them when they were trying to tell me something.I was coming across as a jerk, and didn’t even realize it.As I mentioned in the previous page in this period of time pickup artists have moved from an underground sub culture, into the mainstream, and then back again a bit into the shade, although I don’t think it’ll ever be completely underground again.

I simply typed into google “montreal lair”, and followed the relevant links from message boards that came up, until I was finally able to get a hold of someone. I believe it’s harder to get involved now, and go the route that I took, as I think there’s a smaller supply of eager, young guys interested in doing this stuff.

And then get feedback about it from a friend or a coach.


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