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Mr Thomas said: ‘There can be no doubt their friendship developed into an intimate relationship.’ But the court heard Miss Aburas – described as a ‘slim, petite, Muslim lady’ of 5ft 3in and 9st had ‘suffered violence’ during the last meeting. The court heard the student then began seeing other men in her hometown of Cardiff.Miss Aburas called police to say she had been raped by Almahri in New York – and claimed he had also attempted to strangle her.He claims he was in a psychiatric state of hearing ‘the voice of God’ telling him to kill Miss Aburas.The court heard Almahari claimed he worked and travelled on behalf of the FBI, but Mr Thomas said: ‘That seems to be fictitious.’ The trial continues and is expected to last four weeks.

Here, we introduce a universal system, which allows the targeted insertion of any given transcriptional unit into 85 742 previously annotated retroviral conditional gene trap insertions, representing 7013 independent genes in mouse ES cells, by RMCE.The court heard he pleaded guilty to manslaughter but denies murder.Almahri claims he was suffering from ‘abnormality of mental function’.Recently, the German Gene Trap Consortium (GGTC) introduced the use of multipurpose cassettes, which are delivered randomly to the genome by retroviral gene trapping and allow post-entrapment modifications (8,9).

We used the so-called Fl Ex (FLP-excision; 10) technology in order to conditionally inactivate or reactivate gene trap mutations by using two independent Fl Ex arrays, which each allow unidirectional inversions of trapping cassettes.The court heard Almahari became ‘increasingly jealous’ then bombarded her with abusive messages.


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