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You will find that if you read the small print it will say that you have agreed to the number of people who will be sleeping in the room (Number supplied of beds). It would be different if you booked a suite as they have beds and may have put you up beds in-case friends stay over but even those would be limited if you only booked a suite for 2 as that would give you 1 Bed-Room with either the 2 Singles or a Double.You will have to pay a lot more for those and even those may have a maximum number of sleeping guests.There's also chat room based on geographic locations, so you can chat with new friends nearby (or in a location you're interested in), and even rooms for those who speak foreign languages.Once you join a chat room, it's easy to start participating in a conversation.And may try to find a reason to check you room as part of the desk job is to keep an eye on how many come in and with who and if more than the 2 booked in.


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