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Of primary importance is your attitude toward him; you must truly believe that they are ‘difficult to handle’ people, but don’t develop hatred toward them.He is not evil or purposefully trying to hurt you emotionally, verbally or physically.



We used to meet after my shift was over and we would stay up for hours drinking beers, talking about my day at work. I was never a struggling actress trying to make ends meet by waiting tables.

After the honeymoon period, the narcissistic husband starts berating his wife, criticizing her behavior and pointing out each and every detail that bothers him.

His wife stays with him at this point because she feels trapped and helpless, still in the throes of the emotional “hook”.

Let’s hear how Ottavia, former restaurant woman herself, wife of celebrated chef, and world traveler Anthony Bourdain make life work around his very busy schedule!


What were your first impressions when you first realized that by being with your restaurant man/woman, that you have become a part of the restaurant world? It’s a well-known fact my husband hasn’t worked in a restaurant in quite a few years. But being married to a narcissistic husband can be a very complicated and thorny journey.


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