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'Of the many artists who have reflected on their travels, some, like Darren Almond, have distanced themselves from the tourist, but others have adopted more nuanced and sympathetic positions.' As cultural institutions face ever-greater pressure to efficiently manage resources, so space-hungry old-media archives are increasingly being dumped after digitisation.

But when many digital compression formats are described technically as 'lossy', shouldn't this be a clue that a database without a physical archive is a bad bet on fleeting technologies?

And we achieve excellence in the quality of our research insights and our educational engagement, developing knowledge both for its own sake and to help others make a difference.

Research underpins all that we do at Cambridge Judge Business School and our research programme combines the highest international academic standards with the practical needs of business and society.

Cambridge Judge pursues innovation through inter-disciplinary insight, entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration.

Cutting edge research is rooted in real-world challenges and students and clients are encouraged to ask excellent questions to create real-world change.

'The result is a sharpening of perception, a reinvigoration of the media through which we try to understand contemporary culture and, indeed, the received – and sometimes already repackaged – past.' Reviews various venues, Kassel Mark Prince various venues Omar Kholeif various venues, Manchester Bob Dickinson various venues, Genk Chris Clarke various venues, Limerick Chris Clarke Outpost, Norwich Nick Warner Haunch of Venison, London Cherry Smyth SPACE, London Morgan Quaintance SPACE and Studio Voltaire, London Maria Walsh Peckham Space, London Eliza Williams The City Art Centre, Edinburgh Rosie Lesso Chris Fite-Wassilak Alex Coles finds public artworks sited in time rather than place 'The editors' state their aims for the book thus: to graft theories of human geography and contemporary archaeology and use them to align the recent theorisation of the curator as producer with art that is simultaneously site and time sensitive.' Patricia Bickers corrals some recent publications 'The real purpose of Will Gompertz's book is not to inform the reader but the writer.


The venerable aphorism is drummed into our heads from our first slice of a shared birthday cake. Through f MRI technology, we now know that giving activates the same parts of the brain that are stimulated by food and sex.Undergraduate, graduate and executive programmes attract innovators, creative thinkers, thoughtful and collaborative problem-solvers, and current and future leaders, drawn from a huge diversity of backgrounds and countries.


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