Libra woman and dating an aquarius man


When you both are together: Aquarius is airy fix and Libra is also airy but cardinal.Both are placed trine to each other in the zodiac which is a friendly placement.You are attracted to elegance, sophistication and style. Then your gentle nature may become offensive which can make you a harsh screamer too. Your anger will not vanish itself in time and you will keep it with you for long even if the other person apologizes.It is that you are beautiful, attractive and easily get hurt so you find new path for love.She is not possessive, however, and once she receives the reassurance she needs, the Libra woman will more or less allow the Aquarius man a good degree of freedom, which is important to him.Aquarius man Libra woman compatibility works on this level because neither partner suffocates the other.

However every relationship requires some adjustments and here also Libran woman is suggested to avoid dominance over her Aquarian partner. She is a very sensitive person and it may disturb you as you may think her over reacting at times when she receives a criticism or hurtful words from anyone.That is why most Librans are said to be flirts but actually, you yearn for love with passion and sensuality. Age is no bar for you if your partner possesses the quality of love, experience and of course, he should be rich too.You take care of even little things when you go out on a date.It is difficult for Aquarian man to resist the beauty and intelligence of Libran woman.


She is naturally attracted to his sociability and friendly attitude. This gives them spirit of free will and space for each other.For the Aquarius man and the Libra woman, like any air sign love affair, it’s first and foremost a meeting of minds.


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