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Machine tool manufacturers were also based in Coventry and sold first to cycle firms and later to motor car firms. made milling and grinding machines, lathes, drills, a hub lapping machine, and a powered hacksaw to Coventry cycle manufacturers, and to cycle firms across Europe.“The City of Coventry: Crafts and industries: Modern industry and trade,” , 1969.Coventry’s established cycle businesses could amortise the costs of experiments and production of the first models before returns began to flow in.Coventry became Britain’s key motor city even though Wolseley and Ford, Britain’s biggest car makers, were not based in Coventry.“In America, the creation in the 1920s of the concept – and crime – of “jaywalking” …: For the history of how the motor lobby created the concept of “jaywalking, Peter D. There are laws against jaywalking in the US, Singapore, Poland, Serbia, Iran, Australia and New unsustainable in a number of well-understood but ignored ways”: Although even in bicycle-friendly Amsterdam the Dutch government is set to expand the A10 motorway in the south of the city from eight lanes to 12.This mammoth infrastructure project plans to bury the road underground and create a public transport hub above. “New York City which is gradually taming the motor car …”: As well as transforming Times Square into a pedestrian zone New York City is installing cycleways and reducing speed limits across the city.

A vehicle that can only travel its average speed in depopulated rural districts is quite unsuitable for the needs of the age …

transform streets back to what they originally were: public spaces, not spaces for motor cars”: The relatively new American phrase for streets-for-all is “complete streets.” “Streets are an important part of our cities and towns.


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